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Penetrating silane cure and seal for newly poured garages, driveways and sidewalks. Seals with a clear, non-yellowing, protective film to cure fresh concrete while preventing water and salt penetration and protecting against freeze-thaw cycling. By using Iso-Cure 8525 as an all-in-one product the 28 day process of using a cure and seal, waiting 28 days and then applying a penetrating sealer is done away with.


5 Gallon Bucket Coverage: Up to 1500 sq. ft.


  • Cures fresh exterior concrete
  • Fully hydrates concrete
  • Reduces freeze-thaw damage, deicing salt/chloride damage
  • Reduces mold/mildew growth
  • Reduces spalling/pitting/cracking
  • No appearance change to the concrete, dries clear
  • Minimizes crazing and shrinkage cracks
  • Easy to apply
  • No odor
  • Will never yellow, fade, peel, crack or bubble


Driveways, sidewalks, garages


For use only on new, exterior, freshly placed, broom finished, colored and hard steel trowel concrete substrates.

Do not apply to cured concrete.


  • Feature: Penetrating cure and seal
  • Chemistry: Silane/acrylic
  • Color: Clear
  • Category: Penetrating/coating
  • Carrier: Water
  • Packaging: 5 Gallon bucket
  • Coverage: Up to 1500 sq. ft. per 5 gallon bucket
  • Interior/Exterior: Exterior
  • Application Method: Sprayer, Roller
  • Application Temperature: Do not apply if surface or ambient temperature is below 50°F within two hours of application or within 5°F of the dew point. Condition material to be a minimum of 60°F prior to application.
  • Number of Coats: 1
  • Drying Time (dry to touch): 1 Hour @ 70°F
  • Drying time (full cure): 24 Hours
  • Time before/after rain: 48 Hours
  • New Concrete: Yes, apply after all bleed water has dissipated and within 2 hours of final finish.
  • Storage/Shelf Life: 1 Year
  • Clean up: Soap/water
  • VOC Content: <100 g/L

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