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1.5 Gallon Kit | Clear: $192.85 | Color: $206.12

3 Gallon Kit | Clear: $361.44 | Color: $387.99

1 Pint Slip Resistant Additive: $24.21

1 Quart Slip Resistant Additive: $34.44

1 Pint Aluminum Oxide 46 Grit: $30.42

1 Pint Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit: $30.42

1 Quart Aluminum Oxide 46 Grit: $47.01

1 Quart Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit: $47.01

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The Urethane 645 is a solvent-based, two-component polyester/aliphatic polyurethane coating designed to coat concrete floors combining the highest quality of aliphatic urethane components. The Urethane 645 provides incredible abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. Recommended for indoor areas with high risks of exposure to chemical spills, fuel, heavy equipment, extreme temperatures and any other potentially damaging situation the substrate may encounter. The Urethane 645 is also available in a California compliant version offering <100 g/L VOC.

*Please contact 888-230-5569 for special order colors


1.5 Gallon Kit Coverage: Up to 525 sq. ft.

3 Gallon Kit Coverage: Up to 1050 sq. ft.

Slip Resistant Additive: 1 Pint per 1.5 Gallon Kit. 1 Quart per 3 Gallon Kit

**Slip Resistant Additive is mixed into the Urethane 645

Aluminum Oxide 46 Grit: Up to 175 sq. ft. per pint light coverage. Up to 350 sq. ft. per quart light coverage.

Aluminum Oxide 60 Grit: Up to 175 sq. ft. per pint light coverage. Up to 350 sq. ft. per quart light coverage.

**Aluminum Oxide is not mixed in with the Urethane 645; it is cast into the Epoxy 325 primer or a first coat of the Urethane 645 while wet

If you are looking for this product in the State of California use Urethane 645-CA Compliant (Compliant with VOC regulations in the State of California)


  • Protects from chemical spills
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Stops dusting
  • Scratch resistant
  • Available clear or colored
  • Excellent hardness and durability
  • May be used as a topcoat or stand alone product


A topcoat or stand alone product in garages, shop floors, warehouses




  • Feature: Durable Coating
  • Chemistry: Aliphatic Urethane
  • Colors: Clear, tile red, beige, medium gray, light gray, off white, white
  • Finish: High gloss
  • Category: Coating
  • Carrier: Solvent
  • Availability: 2 component kit
  • Packaging: 1.5 Gallon Kit, 3 Gallon Kit
  • Coverage: 350 sq. ft. per gallon at 3-5 mils wet film thickness
  • Interior/Exterior: Interior
  • Application Method: Roller/brush
  • Application Temperature: 55-90 degrees F with relative humidity below 75%
  • Number of Coats: 1
  • New Concrete: Yes, at least 28 days after being poured
  • Storage/Shelf Life: 1 Year
  • Clean up: Ketone solvents
  • VOC Content: 335 g/L
  • Hardness: Shore D 65
  • Impact Resistance: 160 in/lb
  • Abrasion Resistance: 20 mg
  • Adhesion: 350 psi
  • Viscosity: 400 cps
  • Primer: Epoxy 325


  • Pot Life – 1.5 – gallon volume: 2-4 hours
  • Tack Free (dry to touch): 3-5 hours
  • Recoat or Topcoat: 5-9 hours
  • Light Foot Traffic: 14-24 hours
  • Full Cure (Heavy Traffic): 3-5 days


  • 10% Sodium Hydroxide: Long Term Immersion
  • 10% Sulfuric: Short Term Immersion
  • 10% Hydrochloric Acid: Long Term Splash Spill
  • 20% Nitric Acid: Short Term Splash Spill
  • 50% Sodium Hydroxide: Short Term Immersion
  • Acetic Acid 5%: Short Term Immersion
  • Ethylene Glycol: Short Term Immersion
  • Gasoline: Short Term Immersion
  • Mek: Not Recommeded
  • Methyl Alcohol: Short Term Splash Spill
  • Xylene: Short Term Immersion

For complete Urethane 645 application, SDS Sheets, FAQ’s, testing and technical data visit www.ghostshield.com

Have an application question, help figuring out the right product for your application or need help calculating your square footage? Give us a call 888-230-5569 or email us: support@concretesealersupply.com

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